Michael Onjack

Michael Onjack

Software engineer living in Arlington, Virginia. Currently employed by Tyler Technologies in Herndon, Virginia. Graduated from Penn State University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I enjoy building iOS apps and wondering what my dog is thinking.


Tyler Technologies, Software Engineer Professional

  • Helped build configurable Workflow Tracking and BPM software systems using the company's entellitrak platform.
  • Lead development on a baseline Background Investigations system equipped with common BI application functionality which has been used to help reduce the time needed to produce a client-ready application. Among other things, the system is able to:
    • Track cases throughout the lifecycle of an investigation
    • Ingest files created by outside government agencies which contain data that can be used to create new cases in the system or update existing case data
    • Produce standardized files that summarize the status of investigations and clearances in the system which are then transmitted to outside government agencies
  • Developed a timekeeping module used by multiple systems to track their investigators' working hours. The module works in compliance with Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) federal regulations.
Java Javascript SQLServer

August 2016 - Present

Imprint, iOS Personal

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  • Augmented reality-based media sharing application.
  • Users can capture pictures and videos and revisit them at the exact location they were taken by viewing them in an AR scene.
  • The application saves each picture's 2D coordinate as well as the euler angles of the user's device at the time the picture was taken in order to correctly orient the image in 3D space.
  • Features a real-time chat component that users can use for private messaging.
Swift ARKit Firebase


Thread, iOS Personal

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  • Social media app that allows users to share what they're wearing with the world.
  • Uses CoreLocation to find users within a two-mile radius from you and displays their profile data on a map.
  • Interacts with the ShopStyle API in order to allow users to search through a vast amount of clothing data to help find their exact outfit.
Swift JSON Firebase


Tailgator, iOS Personal

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  • iOS application used to keep track of your college football tailgates.
  • Allows users to create new tailgates, invite other users, and share images of their set-up.
  • Features real-time score updates for major-conference games by interacting with a self-hosted endpoint that runs a python script which parses the score data from an HTML page.
Swift Python JSON Firebase


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